Turban Tutorial | Twisted Two Scarf Turban

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I call this the "Twisted, Two Scarf Turban" due to the fact that this gorgeous head wrap features a center knot and two large twists using two scarves.

The "Anchor Scarf" is a wool scarf that I purchased from a street vendor in San Fransisco, which is a typical pashmina style scarf. The second sequined scarf is an older scarf that I had from Banana Republic, and is a synthetic stretchy material. These are medium bodied scarves that are not sheer which gives the over all turban stye structure and volume.

Please Note: If you choose a fabric that is of a lighter weight you may need to triple the scarf amount (actually tie 3 scarves together) to create the drama that the two scarves create. However, if you would like a more mild mannered affect, a lighter weight scarf will give you that.

Other suitable fabrics: Damask, Raw Silk, Firm Cotton, ect.

Song: Era - Early Morning Funk 2009

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