Turban Tutorial | Twisted Two Scarf Turban

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I call this the "Twisted, Two Scarf Turban" due to the fact that this gorgeous head wrap features a center knot and two large twists using two scarves.

The "Anchor Scarf" is a wool scarf that I purchased from a street vendor in San Fransisco, which is a typical pashmina style scarf. The second sequined scarf is an older scarf that I had from Banana Republic, and is a synthetic stretchy material. These are medium bodied scarves that are not sheer which gives the over all turban stye structure and volume.

Please Note: If you choose a fabric that is of a lighter weight you may need to triple the scarf amount (actually tie 3 scarves together) to create the drama that the two scarves create. However, if you would like a more mild mannered affect, a lighter weight scarf will give you that.

Other suitable fabrics: Damask, Raw Silk, Firm Cotton, ect.

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Beauty On the Move: What's in my purse - Summer 2015

In the eternal quest to make my purse as light as possible my personal touch up product list is pretty short yet highly effective:


M∙A∙C Blot Film

This is a touch up game changer!!

If you're anything like me, you grew up on those circular red sponges to blot your face throughout the day, but those sponges are a major no-no! You want to get the sweat and oil off of your face and throw that icky stuff away! To keep a clear complexion you need to keep everything that touches your face as sanitary as possible, so that's where M∙A∙C Blot Film comes in! These smart little sheets know to only absorb oil, so it keeps your hydration and makeup intact. Also, let's be honest...and those of you who already use these know....there's a bit guilty pleasure in seeing them them work, which is both fun and gross all at the same time...haha!! Then you toss that thing in the trash!

M∙A∙C Blot Film

M∙A∙C Blot Film


Mineralized Skin Finish Natural:

This powder is perfect for after 5pm touch ups, after a particularly messy lunch, or if my allergies have been acting up and the Kleenex has stolen my beat (so irritating!!). This beautiful powder has an eggshell finish that mimics skin, so your touch up looks like you. Remember to always use your blot film first if you’ll be touching up your entire face. You don’t want to add an extra inch to your nose by setting all of that sweat and oil on the surface of your skin with this lux baked mineral powder. This powder does not come with a sponge so I use the Short Handled 129 Brush (SH129 Brush). It’s the perfect touch up brush since it comes in it’s own little sliding zip up pouch!!

Prep + Prime Fix +: Sized To Go:

Hydration is our friend, and this mini Fix + is the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated, and keep the finish of your touch up looking real!


One makeup quirk that I have is that I hate to touch my lips up, so a prerequisite for a lip product to go in my purse is that it has to look good straight out of the tube. I need to be able to put it on in the dark and still look amazing! If there are days that I'm feeling froggy and want to jazz things up I'll do that, but from Jump Street it's got to be cute!

In my bag there is a small array of nude lip products that vary in their coverage and end look. Let me explain: 

Patent Polish Lip Pencil in French Kiss 

When I want my lips to look moisturized, with a feminine shine I use Patent Polish Lip Pencil, in the shade French Kiss. This product gets me super conditioned sexy, glossy nude lips fast! The warm caramel shade blends into my skin tone perfectly, so I don't have to use a lip pencil to bring it back to my skin's color. If you have a richer skin tone than I do I would recommend using Cork Lip Pencil, or Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencil. This is one of my signature lip lip products, and I wear it day and night! 



The Perfect Matte Texture:

When I want to look a bit more sophisticated, and also want staying power I usually like to rock a Matte or Retro Matte Lipstick, and my preferred shades are Velvet Teddy, Perpetuate, and Mocha all of which also look great straight out of the tube!  

Lip Pencils: Etcetera, Cork, Bittersweet, & Night Moth 

Etcetera, Pro Longwear Lip Pencil is what I use all over my lips when I want to take out all of the natural color of my lips. It's completely opaque, and it wears for hours. I rock it often all by its self all over my lips and also underneath lots of different shades of lipstick, but if I know I need my lips to stay on until I eat I use it!

Cork, Lip Pencil is my go to shade to bring the edges of any lipstick I wear back to my skin tone. This muted golden brown is almost like a foundation shade in a lip pencil; which makes it pretty perfect for soft natural shading. 

Bittersweet, Pro Longwear Lip Pencil. There is a certain lip pencil that every brown girl wears, and it can remain unnamed. I chose Bittersweet, because it’s a beautiful true brown color. It’s not a blackened or ashy it’s just a gorgeous  brown that adds that next step in depth. If you have a richer skintone that I, this will be your cork. If your complexion is a bit more fair you can have a ball using it to ombré and add that sexy deeper shading and definition to your lip look that is really gorgeous.

Night Moth, Lip Pencil. This blackend plum shade is one of my favorites to pair with nude lips. It’s a bit unexpected with nudes and can add a chic editorial look to your nude lipstick and gloss shades.